Will homeowners insurance pay for bat damage?

Most homeowners experience problems with pests. Whether it is a Wisconsin rodent, a skunk, a rat, or a colony of bats, these rodents leave damages to homes that are costly. Many people want to avoid dealing with the aftermath damages of the pests. When it comes to bats, more and more people try to remove them out of their homes because they pose a huge problem.

Damages that Milwaukee Bats Cause
Milwaukee bats can leave a lot of guano. Guano is a bat dropping that contains a lot of ammonia and bacteria. Cleaning your attics after removing the bats can be a real drag. However, for you and your family’s safety, it needs to be done immediately. Your homeowner's insurance MIGHT be willing to lend you a hand in this.

Attic cleanup is not cheap. You might be required to produce $5,000 - $10,000 to clean your attic properly. Not all people have that amount of money for their attic restoration. This is where homeowners find help with their insurance companies. However, note that not all insurance companies cover damages regarding wildlife droppings.

Why You Have to Clean Your Attic
Your attic sits above your ceiling and it is out of sight. However, this is not a reason why you have to neglect its cleanliness. If your attic becomes home to bats and other pests, you might find your old furniture getting gnawed. You also have to keep in mind that bats’ droppings can transmit extremely harmful diseases especially if they come in large quantities.

Before you are able to clean your attic, pest eviction is necessary. This can cause unexpected expenses that can get big if left for years.

Wildlife Exclusions
Normally, raccoons and bats are covered by your homeowners’ insurance. It is rare for insurance companies to cover damages of squirrels, mice, rats, and rodents. You might get coverage if rodents are able to gain entry to your house because of a damage caused by the weather. But aside from it, insurance will barely cover any other damages of pests inside your home.

What Happens if your Insurance Provider Refuses?
This is not a scenario that many people are looking forward to. However, if your insurance provider refuses to cover any of the expenses in cleaning up your attic, your best option is to hire a professional. Never hire just any random person who will do it for you cheaply. They won’t be able to use safe detergents that can totally remove bacteria and ammonia in your house. You don’t also want to hire anyone who can get accidents while cleaning your attic. You might have to pay for medical bills on top of your pest removal fees. Another important reminder is to keep your guard up when negotiating with insurance companies. Look for clauses on your insurance policy that says you are covered. It is your right as a homeowner. To save yourself from too many financial expenses, this is why you got insurance in the first place.

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